• Engineering & Design

  • Drafting & Planning

High Quality preparation services including:

High Definition Plasma, Oxy Fuel, Laser & water jet cutting
Breaking, forming & rolling of plate & profiles

We use the best processes and latest technologies in welding:

We have over 40 procedures and are always looking to add more to better suit your needs.

Special processes and technologies we are known for:

We are industry leaders in refractory installation; FCCU Cyclones, Plenum, Diplegs & Valves,
Water-cooled panels for smelter furnaces and many more products.
Thermal projection, many different processes and applications.

Nondestructive Testing

We offer a full range of high quality NDE/NDT at any fabrication stage:
(All services are provided by highly qualified technicians, qualifications available on demand.)

  • VT, Visual examination of welds
  • PT, Dye Penetrant Testing
  • MT, Magnetic Particules
  • UT, Ultrasonic Testing
  • RT, X-Rays
  • PMI, Positive Material Identification
  • Refractory Testing
  • Hydrostatic Testing & Purge
  • All services are available through any acceptance criteria. (CSA W59, ASME, AWS D1.1, API etc.)

We are Industry Leader in Welding Products Manufacturing

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