At Savico, “We build Quality"

Specialized in Custom Steel products engineering and manufacturing since 1959.

Always having this quote in mind, our team is facing the everyday challenge that is manufacturing by bringing together a broad set of skills and an extraordinary ability to communicate.

This guarantees that your projects will be carried out with the utmost reliability.
Our team is proud of its accomplishments, and our dynamism shows in everything we do.

Savico has the ability to manufacture and assemble products according to the most rigorous plans and specifications, without ever losing sight of our customer's specific goals.

Our operations cover all stages in the manufacturing process and our quality control is Certified ISO 9001 & ASME.

Savico believes in and builds lasting customer relationships based on mutual trust, respect, communication and ongoing satisfaction.

Savico is committed to supplying high quality products on time, whether these are simple components, unusual fabrications, or complex machinery that needs mechanical, in-shop testing and start-up.

Our Clients, Activity Sectors & Products

Here are a few examples of what we’ve done so far and what we can do for you...

Petrochemical & Biofuel industries:

FCCU Cyclones, Plenum, Air Grid, Diplegs, Valves and other various refractory lined equipments.
We are known to have state of the art quality when it comes to hexmesh and refractory lined projects!
We can also offer you a wide range of refractory products including Hand Packed, Vibro-Casted products etc.

Forestry & Pulp and Paper:

Various processing equipments such as: Debarkers, Chippers, Conditioners, Conveyors, Truck Dumpers, Push Floors, Bar Screens, etc.

Mining & Mineral Processing:

Whole Smelters Vaults including panels & frames, water cooled & refractory lined products, Chimneys, various types of ducting, Scrubbers, Drum Scrubbers, Separators, Crusher, Mixers, Feeders, Mixers, Ball Mill, Dryers, Classifiers etc.

Environment & Water Treatment:

Trash Racks, Penstock, Gates & valves, Filtration Units, Clarifiers, Floatation Tanks, Skimmers, Waste processing equipments, Bins etc.

Transportation & Handling Equipment:

Bridges, Supports, Transportation Racks & various lifting and handling structures.


Flat & Radial Flood Gates, Pressure Vessels & Piping systems, Heat Exchangers, Turbine & Components, Biomass processing equipment, etc.

We are Industry Leader in Welding Products Manufacturing

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